Frequently Asked Questions

Why subscribe?

You support indie filmmakers, who cannot show their films on big services like Netflix. On the other hand, you can view films it is hard to find elsewhere.

Why is your selection so small?

We just started. But don't worry, we will upload new content every week. Later in the future, we will also start removing films so the selection will change from time to time.

I got the discount code, where I will write it?

On the third page when subscribing. On the same page, where you fill in your bank card details.

Is it the same discounted price after the first period?

Unfortunately not. If you don't want to pay the full price, you can always cancel your subscription before the end of the period. But please keep in mind, that this money goes to indie filmmakers, who really need money to fund their future films. You also have an option to refer friends and earn free 30 days from each referred new customer.

I have made a great indie film, can you include it in your selection?

Possibly. Write to us on Twitter or by email, send a short description of the plot, trailers, and screenshots and we check if it is a good choice. We are very open to new filmmakers and want to help them to show their films to our customers.