For creators

Are you a filmmaker? Want to monetize your content? Want to increase your audience?

If you answered yes, please contact us at so we can view your material and see, if it works on our platform?

If/when we have a deal made and your content on our platform, you will get roughly 50-70% of the income divided per minute of how much your film is watched.

50% is the base percent. If your film has an exclusive deal on us, you may earn 10% more, but we keep the right to choose, which films can get this bonus. We also give 2% extra for each subtitle file, max. 10% is possible and subtitles should be in major languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, French, etc. English is not counted as it is the default language. If the spoken language is not English, we require English subtitles as a VTT file, or hard-coded into the video file itself (in this case other subtitles can be a problem).

Also, you can increase better licensing fees by promoting your film (and our channel) on your social media connections. Everybody wins. We will also promote all accepted films on our channels.

By the way, we are friendly people and easy to work with despite films we accept are not-so-easy.