For viewers

Tired of watching mainstream films? Want to see some great indie films, where creators made things their way instead of some business people forcing them to make content softer and more suitable for a wider audience?

If you answered yes, you came to the right place. We offer hours of great indie films, sometimes bigger films too, that you can see for a cheap monthly price, which is now (July 2022) 9,50 euros per month. But keep in mind, that we have often great discounts available, that you may find on our blog and social media channels (links coming soon). For example, in July 2022 we have GRANDOPENING code available, which gives you a 50% discount.

Please note, that in July 2022 we are expanding our film selection rapidly. Our aim is to add 3-5 new films weekly, so even selection looks small today, it may look much bigger after a week or two.

Please also notify, that we will pay for film creators well, so subscribing to us and watching films will give licensing fees straight to the indie filmmakers and not some agency that gives too little for creators. Using our service means supporting indie films #supportindiefilm